The History of Straight perm is very long in Japan.

Many women actuallly have wavy and unruly hair, yet images of Asian women usually have smooth straight hair.

Japanese companies have been studying a long time to create better chemicals to acquire straight hair without losing the shine and the silky feeling.

Japanese straightening products’ ph balance is as low as 8.7 to 9.2, so your hair can be straight without eliminating the silky, glossy look of the natural hair.

Once the procedure is done, the area treated will not go back to curly or wavy; therefore, re-touch is only necessary for the roots area.

In addition to Japanese straightening, Studio 10 offers Brazilian Keratin Treatment which is also an excellent product for hair straightening, depending on your hair type and coloring.

The professionals at Studio 10 will choose different chemicals for each client depending on the type, condition, and damage degree of their hair.