The Best Solution


The humid, rainy South Florida weather can make hair impossible to manage. The solution??? Hair treatment!!! The amount of moisture in the hair determines its softness and elasticity. The more moisture there is in the hair, the softer, smoother, and silkier the hair will be.

Studio 10 can offer you these treatments:

LINKAGE MEU BY MILBON: Linkage Meu is a quick 3-step salon treatment with aroma therapy that instantly improves the quality and texture of hair without feeling greasy or heavy. Enjoy silky, smooth, luxurious results for up to 5 weeks with homecare.

INPHENOM BY MILBON: Repair your hair from the inside out and notice immediate effects with INPHENOM. A quick 5-step in-salon treatment done immediately after coloring to help lock in your healthy, vibrant color.

NOIRAUDEPRO BY MILBON: Prior to any chemical services such as permanent waving or color, hair needs to be in the best possible condition. Noiraudepro gives stylists the flexibility and tools to address each clients specific hair conditions prior to the chemical service. Milbon’s Noiraudepro addresses the specific needs of damaged and dehydrated and lifeless hair.