For example, the best metal detector for coins does a fantastic job of identifying smaller metallic targets like coins and can even be tuned to find a specific type of coin based on composition and size. As you become more accustomed to how your metal detector works, you may be able to make these adjustments quickly to help you to find the kind of target you are looking for on that particular hunt. Before starting the review, let’s know about Coin Metal Detector because it is essential to know what will you find it and how it works. Last summer, the 37-year-old, from Middleton in Derbyshire, literally struck gold when out near Ashbourne with his trusty metal detector. Spectra V3i is White’s finest turn-on-and-go metal detector using 3 frequency detection to find the oldest, deepest treasures.

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The whole coil detects up to the same depth, unlike concentric coils. The center of the coil detects the deepest and the edges detect lesser depths than the center. But the entire area of the coil does not penetrate to the same depth. This protects the coil from scraping on the ground and giving you false signals. You’d expect good things from a machine of this caliber and it doesn’t disappoint. In fact, if this machine could drive and hover you wouldn’t need to lift a finger. This is good news because there’s a lot of target information to see. You’ll also want to avoid a pulse induction machine – or PI for short. I also would have liked Garrett to include waterproof headphones – especially as it’s advertised as a fully submersible detector. This is mainly due to its rapid recovery time, easy-to-use features and excellent performance. The detector is extremely well-equipped, where the combination of tone height and tone strength is a strong feature which makes it a great metal detector for coins and relics. The depth range of the Garrett AT Pro ranges from +/- 35 cm for a coin to up to 2 metres for very large objects. The AT Pro can be set in 6 different search modes, both in the standard mode for novice search and the Pro mode for more experienced hunters. Unlike most metal detectors, the Garrett AT Pro International also allows you to search for salty water and wet salt sand. First, you need to select a metal detector that is best suited to your needs. A large selection of headphones and headphone accessories designed for all kind of metal detecting. An amateur metal detectorist discovered this rare 24-carat gold Roman aureus coin in a field in Kent. What was once a job for old-time pirates and scallywags, the hunt for treasure is now a hobby. Most machines have auto ground balance as standard these days, and to be honest, the auto balance works pretty well. The last thing I want to talk about is the ground balance. Generally speaking, if you turn up the sensitivity to high, you will find everything, but that will include plenty of junk that isn’t worth your time digging up. When it comes to tuning the sensitivity, you’ll want to make sure it is setup for the optimal settings for the ground that you are searching. Negative Ground Balance will get quieter as the coil is lowered to the ground. If you don’t have a machine that offers automatic ground balancing, you will want to adjust the ground balance to be neutral, then adjust up or down depending on the soil condition. Good read on coin shooting techniques, helps that he is a lawyer and good info on rights. To ask other readers questions about Coin Shooting, please sign up. Read all about Great Britain and Northern Ireland coin denominations before 1971. Outside of the business he enjoys mentoring students, being involved in the community and spending time with his family. He has traveled the world in his pursuit of educating, exploring and advising others in the proper use of metal detectors. Newer coin detectors are made with lighter electronics than older models so purchasing a newer device will help to alleviate strain on the body. There are two different varieties of coin detectors to choose from: pole mounted or hip mounted.